Science proves how much nature enhances our lives.

It’s why our Homes look like they do. And why we actively find ways to reduce our overall footprint.

Rather than build from new, we always prefer to repair and breathe new life into forgotten buildings.

Drastically reducing our carbon footprint across our co-working spaces.

We’re big believers in biophilic design.

In fact, our first ever talk was given by the field’s pioneer, Harvard professor and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, E.O. Wilson.

Second Home Hollywood

We’re proud to have created LA’s densest urban forest.

Over 6500 trees and plants call our Hollywood Home, home.

Our Homes leverage green tech.

The ‘bubble roof’ at our Holland Park Home responds to weather in real-time.

Reducing the need for energy intensive heating and cooling.

Our Lisbon roof automatically opens at night to let cool air in. Then traps it by closing before sunrise.

Along with a network of pipes that run cold and hot water under the floor with the seasons to keep the space perfectly cool – and warm in the winter months.

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