We believe in the irrational power of creativity. And the very logical ways of tapping into it.


Second Home Lisboa


Nature adds tremendous value to our lives — increasing calm, creativity and focus.

That’s why nature and natural forms are at the heart of every one of our Homes.


We work with architects Selgas Cano and Estudio Cano Lasso on every Second Home co-working space

Architects at the forefront of evolutionary psychology and biophilia (a very scientific term for our innate love of nature, and its innumerable benefits).

Selgas Cano's Second Home

Cano Lasso on designing for nature


You won’t find any straight lines here.

No brick walls or grey slabs of concrete. Not even two pieces of furniture are alike.

Writer and Philosopher Alain de Botton on Second Home

“Second Home is simply dazzling and beyond belief. Your synthesis of architecture, social, business, politics and psychology is unprecedented.”


Great architecture inspires us.

We took the Second Home Serpentine Pavilion to LA.

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We opened a pop-up Dome in London Fields.

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